History of Seoul

Seoul History
Seoul History-present
Seoul History-japanese imperialism
Seoul History-great korean empire
Seoul History-joseon
Seoul History-goryeo
Seoul History-north south states period
Seoul History-era of three states
Seoul History-gojoseon era
1945 Named Seoul
1948 became the capital of Korea
1949 Became officially named “Seoul Teukbyeol-si)
1961 first apartment complex
1969 Namsan Tunnel 1 and 2 constructed
1974 1st subway line
1986 hosted the Seoul Asian Games
1988 hosted the Seoul Olympics
2000 hosted the ASEM Conference
2002 hosted the Korea-Japan World Cup
2005 Opening of the Seoul Forest
2008 Dongdaemun Design Plaza established
hosted the Seoul Design Plaza 2008
The Republic of Korea
Korea faced independence with the end of World War II. However, the nation divided into two at the 38th line in 1948 when the US and Russia took the south and the north respectively. In the 1950s, North Korea frequently invaded the south, which results in mass destruction of the land as well as the death of millions. However, in the 1960s, Korea saw unprecedented success, which is referred to as the ‘miracle of the Han River.’ The Republic of Korea’s growth and advancement continued, marked by hosting the Olympics in 1988 and the World Cup in 2002, and in 2002, the nation was ranked 11th in the world in terms of economics.


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