Q :  When can we travel?
A :  We provide an "Open Packages System" which means you can choose your date,time of travel.

Q:  Do we prepare Flight Booking Services? 
A:  No, we dont prepare any flight booking services,we only prepare Ground Tour Services. We strongly advice our customer to buy their own ticket since it is more cheapest than buying from the agency. They don't get promo price like we does.

Q :  How can we book our holidays?
A :  Fills up the forms and we will send you a confirmation email, and then a deposit of RM100/PAX is required to confirm your booking.We will return the deposit after the full payments.

Q: How can we make the payment? 
A: We only accepts Korea won (KRW) & US Dolar. Payment is once arrival at incheon International Airports. We don't accepts any ringgit malaysia (RM) except for the deposit process.

Q: Do you accept non-muslim customer?
A: YES we do.

Q: Do you accept others customer from other country?
A: We accept any customer that speak english, malay & Chinese language.

Q: I dont get any reply from koreamuslimtravel.com
A: please send back the email to melancongkorea@gmail.com with your details.

Q: Who is the guide? 
A: Malaysian, students that staying in korea. Depends on the availability & packages.


Term & Condition

We only provide Ground Tour Arrangement and we don't provide any flight purchase services. All booking must be done a month before arrival. An amount of deposit RM100/pax is needed for booking confirmation. We are not going to email you any itineraries sample before booking confirmation. Our services are valid to all malaysian,singaporian and indonesian.

About Us

Koreamuslimtravel.com is a website supervised under a group of Malaysians, based in Seoul, South Korea.We formed a venture with students,Malaysian that stay in Korea & Korea Travel Agency to provide a One-Stop Centre especially for Muslim Traveler.We have more than 2 years experience in tour services and speak 3 languages (Malay,English & Korea).

Contact Us

Korea Muslim Travel Services
Email : melancongkorea@gmail.com
Mr Sadam
Direct Call : +60198100010
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